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Online gambling has been on a steady rise ever since it was created and often holds an impressive market share in its respective country. This tendency has only increased since the industry spilled over to smartphones and tablets. Unsurprisingly, online casinos are among the most sought after form of online gambling and today there are hundreds to choose from worldwide, each with its own unique features, games, styles and offers. If you’re currently looking to join an online casino, right about now you’re probably asking yourself how one even starts choosing from such a wide range of options. Worry not, that’s why we’re here – and why you’re still reading.

If you’re familiar with real life casinos, you’re probably aware of the complimentary items (or comps) they sometimes offer players as a symbol of their appreciation. You may also know them by other names such as complimentary credits, bonuses, freebies, or even loyalty treats. You say to-may-toe, I say to-mah-toe! At the end of the day, we’re talking about marketing tricks created with the sole purpose of hooking you to a specific casino and keep you coming back. Curiously enough, it’s probably safe to say that knowing this will not hinder your enjoyment of said freebies in the slightest way.

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bonuses commonly available at most online casinos

Different casinos have different offers and bonuses and, because of this, getting yourself acquainted with them should be at the very top of your list of priorities since it will certainly be a key factor when deciding which online casino to join. These offers commonly vary according to such variables as membership status, type of game you’re playing, and your total amount of winnings or the size of the deposits you make. To help you better understand the types of offers you’re likely to find and expertly screen out the shady ones, we’ve gathered a list of the types of bonuses commonly available at most online casinos but we’ve refrained from mentioning specific values since these differ from one casino to another– and they will all claim to be the best. So please, before jumping at the first appealing bonus you encounter, do yourself a favor and remember to always carefully read every offer’s specific requirements, including the ever elusive fine print.

No Deposit Bonus

Usually offered exclusively to new players, this type of bonus does exactly what it advertises; it awards you a certain amount of money without demanding any kind of payment from you. I know what you’re thinking: free money! Well, almost. Consider this an advancement on your entertainment, a loan to experience the casino before you make any kind of commitment. Even though they won’t demand their money back, this bonus will try to seduce you to make a deposit to keep playing. No Deposit Bonus can come in one of three forms:cash bonus, freeplay bonus, and free spins bonus. With Cash Bonuses, different casinos will grant you a different amount of money and, usually, limit access to games when you’re using this bonus to play. Instead of money, however, Freeplay Bonuses will grant you a limited amount of time or plays to try out a selection of games. And, finally, you can also receive Free Spins Bonuses which, like Freeplay Bonuses, will grant you with a limited amount of spins on slot machines.

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Welcome Bonus

This is probably one of the most common bonuses around. Also known as the Welcome Offer or Signup Bonus, and unlike the previous No Deposit Bonus, this feature requires the joining player to deposit funds into their newly created account for it to then bestow said account with an additional percentage of the full deposit amount.

Welcome Package

Similar to the Welcome Bonus in the way the bonus value is calculated, the Welcome Package allows players to earn bonuses on several deposits.

Deposit Method Bonus

In this case, the player is also required to make a deposit in order to be awarded additional funds but the actual value of the bonus depends on the payment method used to make said deposit.

Reload Bonus

Also called the Monthly Bonus, casinos will often offer tokens of appreciation for a player who makes additional deposits on an existing account. The frequency in which this bonus is granted varies from casino to casino, some choosing to offer it for specific deposits while others will keep it running for any new deposit made.

Refer a Friend Bonus

Although this offer is not new to online casinos, online entertainment websites in general, or any website based on an invitation-only member database, it is still one of the most successful incentives for people to invite friends, family and colleagues to join a specific online community. It is also especially alluring given its tremendous value for money since one can earn money by doing literally nothing more than inviting a friend to join a website. The actual amount varies because it’s usually based on a percentage of the invited player’s initial deposit. Multiply that by the total number of names on your favorite social media’s connections list and you’ll get a glimpse of its potential. But wait, we’re forgetting something: the people you invite actually have to not only accept the invitation to join, but also be willing to make a deposit on said website. It may not be a done deal every single time but its appeal and potential are what make this particular bonus one of the most successful in ensuring new players and keeping the old ones.

High Roller Bonus

By now, this one should be self-explanatory. Much like the other deposit bonuses, this one will grant you an additional percentage of your investment, however, since high rollers tend to risk and invest more, the earning potential also increases.

Cashback or Insurance Bonuses

As the name suggests, these will help make sure that the losing player won’t leave empty handed, usually offering a percentage of the losses during the player’s recent activities.

Loyalty Bonus

As we’ve seen, casinos don’t only look to convince new players to join but they also spare no efforts in ensuring the loyalty of regular ones. Also known as Exclusive Casino Bonuses, the Loyalty Bonus is usually reserved for long time members and high rollers, and may come in three different forms: monthly bonuses, birthday bonuses, and freebies. They’re also generally bundled in Loyalty and VIP Programs, and some even allow tiers to help you earn your way up the latter, where the rewards get even better.

Whichever you choose

Now that you’ve learned about the available bonuses at almost any online casino around the World Wide Web, you’re probably wondering which one is the best one. Unfortunately, you’ll have to figure that one out for yourself. These bonuses come and go, new ones are invented and old ones are reshaped all the time. What you really want find out is which ones best fit your specific needs and wants. Finding a strategy that suits you, defining your own unique set of rules, and designing your gameplay will help you to figure out which of these features are more suited to your particular quest, and how. But if I had to bet on a winner from this list, I’d go with a tie between the sign up bonuses that allow you to scout the casino before committing to it, and the referral bonuses potentially earn you money without risking any of your winnings. Whichever you choose, though, always make sure to read and understand the wagering requirements specific to every bonus. The worst that can happen is that you find a way to strengthen your gameplay. So, what have we learned? We learned that online casinos value all their customers, new or otherwise. We learned they go to great lengths to keep you coming back. We learned they reward risk takers and high spenders. And we also learned that they are extremely creative when it comes to seducing the curious gambler with promises of great (potential) wealth.